Over the holidays, I ventured from a chilly North Carolina to my hometown of Winter Park, FL. I love Florida in the winter. It’s dry and sunny and warm and occupies a happy majority of my history. My childhood was spent growing up side by side with oodles of sibling groups to pair with my large family. The Ringler girls were so present in my early years and together, Ashley (the beautiful blonde to follow) and I have long commiserated being the middle sister (spoiler alert: middle = best). I was so grateful to have a kind message pop into my inbox that, with great excitement, announced her engagement to Alan, a man that matches her goodness. We had the best morning chatting over lattes at the Downtown Credo in Orlando then roamed Mead Gardens, a place my sweet dad used to take me to play in the green outdoors. I love how at ease they are in these photos. Friends, I’m so happy you found each other. P.S. Alan is a photographer and his work is so lovely. I suggest you swing over there too!