Winter Park, FL Family Photographer // Baby Millie

I was born in Winter Park, FL to a family of four kids. I am in the middle of the three sisters. Since we were babes, Morgan and I bonded over our shared middle child plight. As we grew into adults, our similarities turned humorous: we both became creative professional weirdos who spend all of our time and money enjoying local food and splurging on travel, and still complain about our bossy, endlessly achieving big sisters (Lindsay and Allie, we really do love you). A few years ago when I re-branded my business, there was no one else I wanted to work with other than Morgan and her husband David. Together, they own Hatchet Design and make the most thoughtful, eye-catching and badass branding. They recently welcomed their first child, Millie, into the world (I've already declared Baby Claytor #2 as my favorite baby out of principal - sorry Millie). She is a bright-eyed, happy little thing, isn't she? I hope you enjoy some frames of The Claytors in their typographical, creative home in central Florida. Millie, you've got the coolest parents around.