There’s an old, sweet legend about the Davie Poplar tree, a 300 year old tulip at UNC Chapel Hill: two who kiss beneath its branches are destined to be married.

When I first met Edward & Stephanie, we sat over Rise chicken biscuits and potato hash cakes as they told me their story (pause: if you are local and have not yet been to Rise, put on same pants, stop being so cranking about Monday and go their immediately). The two met at the southern university, but since they began dating, they have sadly been long distance. Both are gentle and friendly and are clearly so grateful for one another. I cannot wait to celebrate with them at their September wedding.

The morning we spent taking their photos on campus was the first perfect weather day of the year (minus the pollen): sunny and warm with a cool breeze. We roamed around, enjoying the historic southern architecture and that great, old tree that I’ve grown to enjoy to so much. Here are a few of our favorite frames from their springy engagement session at their Alma Mater!

P.S. Don’t you think Stephanie’s doppelganger is Amanda Seyfried?! (Hint: the answer is DUH).