Hey Jude | a Chapel Hill birth story

On a very cold, very blustery evening in early February, I made it to my little home after a long day, zipped up my fleece onesie and flopped into bed. About ten minutes later, my phone buzzed with a message from Mary: "Heads up -- it may be happening." Sure enough, a phone call quickly followed. Baby Saou #2 was on the way! 

In those hours of labor and delivery, I don't think I could have felt more proud of Mary's vulnerability, more impressed by Mike's encouraging calmness, and more honored to have been a witness to it all. Sweet Judah, for the rest of my life, I take pleasure knowing I set eyes on you the very moment you were welcomed into this world. You are so fiercely loved and I'm glad to call you my newest, littlest friend.

This was my first experience photographing a birth story and I truly hope it is not my last. Expectant families, are you interested in working together? If so, please feel free to contact me!