Pilar & Taylor | Durham Engagement Photographer

I've known Pilar for many years. She is as talented as she is kind. As both a documentarian and companion,  my friendship with Pilar has challenged, encouraged and inspired me professionally and personally. Furthermore, she is a deep, deep lover of our fair Bull City, so we spend many days enjoying our town together. It's a simple gift and I'm grateful. Taylor, who shares my almost daily uniform (see bio photos; denim on denim is the new black), recently proposed to my dear friend and I am happy to inherit him into my life. He's gentle, super sharp and an incredibly gifted academic and musician.

We had such a nice time together during their engagement session: listening to records, enjoying their porch and appreciating the fresh, spring blooms in Trinity Park. Their wedding is going to be breathtaking. Bonus: I GET TO BE A GUEST AND DANCE HARD.

P&T, love you both.