When we moved to Durham three years ago, I knew no one. On a cool day in May, I unpacked our few belongings into a new home which we had never seen before. The apartment, empty with peach walls and wood floors, echoed with our words and creaky steps. I cried. I was thrilled for a new adventure, but the emptiness of it all felt overwhelming and lonesome.

With the summer being mild and lazy, I found our favorite pastime was to sit on our building’s historic stone stoop with PBR in a can. It’s how I met all of our neighbors. It’s how I met Dave and Bronwen.

Dave, a composer and Bronwen, a doctor (I know, right? It’s not even fair), are quality people and have been so good to me. I grieved when they moved out of our downtown building but the product of their departure has been worthwhile. The two, along with their dog Niko, bought a home nearby and there they raise their first little one, Rhys. Here are some images of their little family in their cozy North Carolina home.